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The Joint Commission Vendor Briefing

The Annual Vendor Briefing occurs shortly after the publishing of ORYX Quality Performance Measure requirements. Below is a summary.

By Bill Presley at 30 Nov 2016

2017 ORYX Joint Commission eCQM

The Joint Commission requires electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) reporting for the ORYX Performance Measurement program in 2017

By Bill Presley at 20 Sep 2016

2017 IPPS Final Rule

CMS Continues Commitment from Volume to Value Defined by eCQMs

By Bill Presley at 12 Aug 2016

Navigating Healthcare Payment Reform

Path to Value: Navigating the New Normal in Healthcare Payment Reform; Quality Reporting through MACRA, MIPS, and VBP

By Bill Presley at 19 Jul 2016

2017 IPPS Proposed Rule for IQR

The CMS continues its commitment to increasingly shift Medicare payments from volume to value. The 2017 IPPS proposed rule continues the commitment to eCQM reporting for the IQR program.

By Bill Presley at 28 Apr 2016

Patient Electronic Access

The CMS offers an exclusion to the Patient Electronic Access measures for Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Professionals.

By Bill Presley at 13 Aug 2015

Summary of Care

This article will show MEDITECH Healthcare Organizations how to eliminate manual reconciliation and fully automate calculating their numerator for the Stage 2 Meaningful Use Summary of Care (Core Measure 12, Measure 2).

By Bill Presley at 24 Mar 2015
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