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The Acmeware Partnership Program.


The Acmeware Partnership Program is an annualized agreement providing you with our complete suite of services and Data Repository expertise for a predictable monthly cost. Whether you're a small hospital without a dedicated DR analyst or large facility with IT staff whose plates are always full, the Partnership Program is sized to fit your exact needs and available budget.

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Partnership clients get a committed schedule of consulting hours for DR and MEDITECH data-related projects, based on an average monthly hourly total. If your needs change from month to month, the program’s flexibility allows varying workloads at no additional cost — you pay the same each month. Our consulting staff average over 10 years of healthcare informatics and MEDITECH experience, which uniquely positions us to provide a full range of reporting services to our clients.

Complete services for DR

As a Partnership client, you'll have all of these services available to you:

  • Custom report writing expertise
    • Data Repository reports, including T-SQL stored procedures and functions
    • Report deployment with SQL Server Reporting Services, including Visual Studio project and report definitions
    • Reports for MEDITECH 6.x Report Designer and Business & Clinical Analytics
    • NPR report translation and conversion to Data Repositorychecklist website
  • Data Repository support and maintenance
    • Routine monitoring of DR background jobs and system logs
    • Incident and customer service interaction with MEDITECH
    • Ring-release or major version upgrade support and DTS testing
  • Data interfacing and integration
    • Data extracts from DR to meet third-party specifications and custom file formats
    • Automated and scheduled data movement or transformation with SQL Server Integration Services packages
  • Best practices, guidance and training
    • A custom SQL database, installed on your system, with a collection of helpful functions, procedures and tables to help your own DR report writing
    • Assistance with SQL Server database administration routines and recommendations, including upgrades
    • Knowledge transfer from our staff to yours on DR best practices
    • Discounts on our DR training classes
  • DR Health Assessment - comprehensive analysis of your DR server's configuration, operation, and performance
    • Disk space and database device utilization, space allocation, and growth estimates
    • SQL Server index maintenance and data optimization analysis, including index efficiency and redundancy review
    • SQL Server Agent job analysis and execution review, with optional alert setup
    • Basic SQL Server security audit
    • DR Status Report, a custom dashboard that provides a snapshot of server status, configuration, and health

Whether it's helping your staff with an occasional report, or managing every aspect of your Data Repository, the Partnership Program has you covered. Contact us today for more information.