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Acmeware’s analytics and business intelligence solution built for the Meditech EHR.


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Empower everyone in an organization, regardless of their technical experience, to work with data comfortably and make informed decisions.

Empower uses information-rich, interactive reports and dashboards from Microsoft Power BI to tell your data story. Democratize your healthcare data so users from across the organization can quickly discover insights and answers.

  • Empower gives you accurate analytics, an intuitive user experience, and a low barrier of entry.
  • Scale Empower to your needs based on key functional areas and comprehensive data models.
  • Drive user adoption with skills-based training, custom reports, and self-service reporting for super users.


What problems does Empower solve?
  • Find answers for questions that are difficult to analyze using typical methods from Meditech, such as operating room and surgery block utilization, supply chain efficiency, and more.
  • Free up resources (people and dollars) spent supporting other analytics platforms.
  • Reduce IT staff report request bottlenecks by allowing all employees, managers, and staff from all levels create their own reports and dashboards. 
What does Empower include?

Empower packages serve reports and dashboards from crucial functional areas across the hospital, including:

Emergency Department, with patient visits, length of stay, turnaround times, and more.

Orders, with volume by facility, location, and date; aggregates by order category, and more.

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Patient Visits, with census, visits by registration type, provider, location, and more.

onelink flexible  Revenue Cycle, with revenue and budget reports, grouped by batch date, GL department, charge code, and more.
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Supply Chain, with inventory and purchase orders by date, type and manufacturer, items on hand, and more.

icon surgical Surgical Services, with case volumes by date and provider, block and room utilization, turnaround time, and more.


An Empower engagement with Acmeware also gives you:

  • Standard reports for each data model to get you started.
  • Expert professional services support from Acmeware for custom reports and data integration.
  • User education and support, including model templates for your own report development.


How is Empower different from other analytics products?
  • It has a lower total cost of ownership.
  • It has reports your organization wants and will use. Our designs are driven by hospital subject matter experts.
  • We leverage Power BI’s intuitive interface to allow users of all skill levels to create or modify their own reports.
  • Empower works directly with Data Repository, including locally hosted, remotely hosted, and MaaS environments.
  • Empower reports and dashboards are integrated with M365 for easy administration, use with SharePoint and Teams.

It's intuitive, it's easy to use. The learning curve is really pretty small on this product, it's got the Microsoft look and feel. You've done a nice job creating a lot of dashboards the way the leaders have indicated they want to look at the data.

Brenda Sexson, Director Information Services
Boone Health (MaaS)




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