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Custom reports for MEDITECH.

No one's better at Data Repository.

custom reports
Report writing is in our DNA – we started as a custom DR reporting company. We have a deep library of thousands of reports, written for every MEDITECH platform from MAGIC to Expanse. Whether you need a simple inpatient census or a complete set of downtime reports, we can do it for you.

Our report development can complement yours, or serve as the primary resource for Data Repository, Report Designer or Business & Clinical Analytics reporting.

We maximize your MEDITECH and Microsoft platform by delivering reports with the systems and tools you already have. Our collaborative approach and expertise help bring knowledge to your decision-makers. If you need report help, look no further. Browse the report examples below and contact us for more information.

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Custom report examples

Since Data Repository isn't subject to MEDITECH purge parameters, it's an ideal platform for retrospective, historical reporting and data analysis. And using Microsoft's BI tools for SQL Server, we provide you with visually impactful, easy to read reports that allow you to see trends and significant activity based on your specific needs.

A sample readmissions report, combining tabular data with charts
Readmission summary report


OR turnover time summary report
OR turnover time report

Thanks to near real-time data latency, DR can be relied on for information you need at the patient bedside or central nurses' station, like census reports, current order lists and anything else based on in-house patients' current status.

Patient census report

custom report census


New! For MEDITECH 6.1/Expanse systems, we now offer a comprehensive downtime application and report delivery system: Downtime Defender. For MAGIC, C/S and 6.0x systems, please read on.

Because DR is a separate system from MEDITECH, it's a great source for downtime reports too. Using Microsoft's BI platform, our downtime eMAR report saves PDF snapshots of each patient, by location, with their complete medication administration history, looking backward and forward 24 hours. Files are updated every 15 minutes for each inpatient location and saved to power-supplied locations (servers or unit workstations) that you specify, so you'll have a hard copy in hand for each patient during unscheduled downtime.

Downtime eMAR report

custom report downtime

And downtime reports aren't limited to pharmacy either: we have downtime reports in production for provider orders (from OE/OM) and clinical documentation from PCS too. 

The Data Repository is also a great resource for auditing user activity in MEDITECH, since it's captured in MIS. We use the DR to report either patient-centric items (who accessed a patient's record) or user activity based on the MEDITECH user account. We target the most commonly accessed areas from ABS, ADM/REG and BAR and display relevant details from each application.


Security audit report

security audit


Whatever your reporting requirements, contact us and we'll help you build whatever you need.