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MUSE Views Podcast

Enjoy this edition of MUSE Views, the podcast for the MUSE community, as we talk with key Commercial members to focus on timely products and services to enhance your IT environments, productivity, workflows, and more. In this show from March 2024, Joel Benware discusses the transition from a community hospital CIO to President of a vendor company, and what makes Acmeware special. 

 Watch the podcast video as Joel talks about Acmeware’s Empower platform that uses power BI to provide data management across an organization, and how Acmeware is utilizing AI to boost the functionality of the Empower platform through democratization of data. Joel explains how facilitates can manage downtimes using Acmeware’s Downtime Defender product. Acmeware offers downtime management, governance, and recommendation for drills and education. Finally, he endorses MUSE and outlines Acmeware’s participation in the upcoming MUSE Inspire Conference, highlighting Acmeware’s support for education, training, and boot camps for IT leadership.