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MUSE Views Podcast

Enjoy this edition of MUSE Views, the podcast for the MUSE community, as we talk with key Commercial members to focus on timely products and services to enhance your IT environments, productivity, workflows, and more. In this show from March 2024, Joel Benware discusses the transition from a community hospital CIO to President of a vendor company, and what makes Acmeware special. 

External Links in MEDITECH

For many people in a hospital environment, using a PC for most of the day means navigating through MEDITECH applications and menus as part of the usual routine. Inevitably however, none of us can do our job without a browser and the Internet. Fortunately for most MEDITECH users (sorry for those of you still using MAGIC), there’s a nifty utility built into MEDITECH that can be custom configured to make web URLs available right from your menu: External Links.

Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare

When your EHR is no longer available to retrieve the data that allows your clinicians to provide the best and safest care for your patients, what do you do?  We have become so dependent at having data at our fingertips that when it stops working or we have to wait for it, we grow impatient, it creates chaos, and we find other avenues to retrieve the data. Quality of care and safety for our patients is the number one priority in healthcare. 

Know Your Data

It doesn’t matter which MEDITECH version you have; from MAGIC to Expanse, each reporting technology has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s good old NPR, Report Designer or Data Repository with SQL Server, you can get the most out of each of them by using them together. While Data Repository has increasingly become the “go-to” choice for many reports, DR and SQL tools can also be used as an intermediary tool to help you build better NPR and RD reports too!

The Value of Validating eCQM Data

How do I make certain the eCQM data I submit is accurate? In this article, we discuss why data validation is so important for eCQMs, and provide a few key tips.