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Downtime Defender by Acmeware.

A secure downtime application and report delivery system for the MEDITECH EHR.

Downtime can happen due to system updates, ransomware attacks, network or power outages, or natural disasters.

Downtime Defender assures that mission-critical information necessary for continuity of care and business operations remains available during downtime events. Our application produces regularly scheduled current-state report snapshots from across the MEDITECH EHR, formatted in easy-to-read PDF documents, and securely stores them locally and in the cloud for guaranteed access during planned or unplanned downtime.

What Downtime Defender gives you:
  • Comprehensive standard reports and client-specified customs
  • A robust report and file distribution engine to move your data where you need
  • The best value among downtime solutions for the MEDITECH EHR

Make Downtime Defender part of your continuity of care plan.


mike ward 100x100Downtime Defender removes a lot of stress. If something were to happen, we know our clinicians could access the information they need to safely treat patients. That provides great peace of mind.

Mike Ward, Chief, Information Services
Anderson Hospital

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What reports are included?


Patient Census

Inpatient and ED census, including allergies and problems


dd census



Pharmacy MAR


Medication administration record, including past 24 hours, current, and upcoming


dd mar

MAR Summary

Medication administration record summary


dd mar summary


PCS Documentation

PCS interventions and assessments


dd screenshot pcs


Lab Results

Lab tests and results


dd screenshot labs



Pending and active orders from OM


dd om report




Scheduled surgery, outpatient, and ambulatory appointments


dd screenshot scheduling



Active employee contact info


dd hr report


MM Vendors

Vendor contact info and purchase order history


dd mm report



Patient dietary and allergy information


dd diet


Report Status

At-a-glance report status


dd screenshot status



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