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Downtime Defender by Acmeware.

A secure downtime application and report delivery system for the MEDITECH EHR.

Downtime can happen due to system updates, ransomware attacks, network or power outages, or natural disasters.

Downtime Defender assures that mission-critical information necessary for continuity of care and business operations remains available during downtime events. Our application produces regularly scheduled current-state report snapshots from across the MEDITECH EHR, formatted in easy-to-read PDF documents, and securely stores them locally and in the cloud for guaranteed access during planned or unplanned downtime.

Make Downtime Defender part of your continuity of care plan.


When systems are down, clinicians don't know the last time medicines were administered and cannot communicate internally…particularly vulnerable are pharmacy, labs, and patient identification.

Katherine Zigmont, AHRQ Patient Safety Organization clinical liaison nurse. Stories From the Field, Academic Medical Center PSO: Mitigating the Risks of Electronic Health Record Down Time.  

To prepare for downtime hospitals must implement and practice downtime procedures, refine basic paper processes and remove redundancies.

Ethan Larsen, Allan Fong, Christian Wernz, Raj M Ratwani, Implications of electronic health record downtime: an analysis of patient safety event reports, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, Volume 25, Issue 2, February 2018, Pages 187–191, 

 Hospital Preparedness for Unplanned Information Technology Downtime Events, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Disaster Medicine, July 2018 
Learn how Anderson Hospital uses Downtime Defender. 




Click the tabs below to see standard reports included with Downtime Defender. 


Inpatient and ED census, including allergies and problems

dd screenshot census

Pharmacy MAR

Medication administration record, including past 24 hours, current, and upcoming

dd screenshot mar

Clinical documentation

PCS documentation, including interventions and notes

dd screenshot pcs


Lab tests and results

dd screenshot labs


Includes pending and active orders

dd om report



Upcoming surgery, outpatient, and ambulatory appointments

dd screenshot scheduling

Human Resources

Active employee contact info

dd hr report

Materials Management

Vendor contact info and purchase order history

dd mm report


Status dashboard

At-a-glance status of downtime report status

dd screenshot status

Custom Reports 

In addition to the standard reports, we can customize Downtime Defender with purpose-built reports for your organization and your specific workflow. Here's what we've already built for our clients:

  • Order Hold Queue: Displays all orders that are on hold due to other patient-related activities (imaging procedures, patient-fasting, or surgical procedures.
  • Lab Orders Worklist: Displays lab specimen and test information for lab staff reference and documentation and processing during downtime. 


Downtime Defender: a complete solution.

  • Available for all MEDITECH versions with or without a cloud platform
  • Report delivery to your data center, the cloud, and your specified on-premises workstations
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant reports, encrypted and optionally password-protected as .PDF filescheck-mark.png
  • Efficiently produced from Data Repository for more frequent updates with no performance degradation for MEDITECH end-users
  • Intranet-based report viewer allows for easy ad-hoc data review, selectable by facility, location, or patient account
  • Built-in dashboard for report status and data latency monitoring and alerting
  • Our combination of point-in-time data with future scheduled items provides a complete view of current and projected patient activity
  • Purposely designed and optimized with clinician input: patient-centric layout on paper becomes part of the chart during downtime events
  • Extensible reporting infrastructure allows for ongoing development of new reports and integration of third-party data
  • Flexible application and report configuration options to meet your specific needs and workflow
  • The best value among downtime solutions for the MEDITECH EHR


Case Study: Anderson Hospital 


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