Have a smooth migration to Expanse.

expanse logoWith MEDITECH Expanse, many long-time NPR-based applications are all new. Reports based on ABS, ADM, BAR, SCH and other applications will need to be re-written. And if you're currently on MAGIC or Client/Server, you can add EDM, NUR, PCS and OE to the list.

Report Migration with Data Repository

Acmeware provides complete report migration services and support, including project management, inventory, and report conversion for hospitals upgrading to Expanse. We have a bullet-proof project plan to convert all your existing reports from NPR, DR and other sources too. In the last 3 years, we’ve migrated over 1,000 reports and counting!

For one trac logoour Expanse migration clients, we use our OneTracTM cloud-based report catalog and management tool. With OneTrac, customers can see their entire inventory of reports, assign the conversion work and choose which platform (Application Desktop, DR, BCA, or Report Designer) is best for each particular report.

We also offer customized Data Repository training classes, including one specifically for systems preparing to upgrade to or already live with Expanse.

Contact us today for more information about migrating your reports to Expanse.