DR Support & Maintenance

Keep your Data Repository running at peak performance

The MEDITECH™ Data Repository (DR) contains a wealth of valuable clinical and financial information stored in an open, easily accessible format. This allows for the development of powerful reports using products such as Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services and Business Objects™ Crystal Reports. These reports can greatly improve a healthcare organization’s business decision making process. The format of DR is optimized for report development across the continuum of healthcare data. This makes reports possible that were difficult or impossible to create with the more traditional NPR Report Writer.

Delivery of a MEDITECH ring-release update generally includes a multitude of additional DR tables. Ring-release updates can threaten the functionality of existing client developed reports as well as DR related customizations from previous releases. The primary reason for potential problems is changes made to the DR schema, -- renaming tables and columns, moving columns from one table to another, or removing tables entirely.

Acmeware has expertise in managing countless updates, dating back to the original version 4.5 DR release through the present. Based upon our significant experience, Acmeware can efficiently perform necessary updates to DR-based reports and applications making them compatible with the new release. Acmeware also provides recommendations on design methods of new reports to help insulate them from potential problems in future updates. Acmeware’s DR Ring-Release Update Support manages all aspects of the update process ranging from compatibility issues, monitoring the DR Error Log, reporting of issues, auditing tables, data integrity analysis, and MEDITECH task management.

Upgrading to MEDITECH Expanse

Is your hospital upgrading to MEDITECH Expanse?  If you use the Data Repository (DR) in MAGIC or C/S, you’ll need all of your existing DR-based functionality to work in the latest version of MEDITECH, not to mention possibly replacing existing NPR reports with new versions from DR.  Acmeware can help you understand what’s involved in migrating your DR to Expanse, including understanding how the new modules differ from their 5.6x counterparts and how this affects the new SQL database schema.  To preserve your existing reports, we can identify and catalog all of the necessary database objects so they can be easily migrated to Expanse.  Acmeware has been working with the M-AT format since its inception and our expert knowledge will make the DR portion of your migration to Expanse as smooth as possible.   If you’re scheduled to upgrade to Expanse, contact us for more information.

Schema Review

Acmeware has developed proprietary tools that quickly examine all customer developed reporting objects (e.g., SQL Views, SPs, Functions, DTSes, etc.) for dependencies upon DR tables. These tools identify code that could become non-functional or inaccurate when the ring-release is delivered. Acmeware assists in updating these reporting objects as required. We also run thorough tests on the reports in the DR test system to ensure these reports are working with the new release as designed. When an update gets moved live, clients benefit from having reports fully functional from day one.

Error Detection and Resolution

Acmeware’s experience performing DR ring-release updates at numerous sites allows us to quickly test for previously encountered issues. As a result, problems are detected sooner rather than later. During the ring-release update, our staff monitors the DR Error Log and creates MEDITECH Task System entries as needed. In many cases, Acmeware is able to provide suggestions to MEDITECH that expedite resolution of known issues.
During the update process, we regularly communicate with MEDITECH to manage issues, help with change control decisions, and test resolutions as they become available. Acmeware also assists in testing any DR customizations that were developed with MEDITECH in previous releases.


Reports are only as good as the underlying data. MEDITECH has a tightly integrated system that requires edited data to populate both the main HCIS and the DR. With each new release, there are inevitable synchronization problems that sometimes prevent edits from being transmitted to the DR. Acmeware has partnered with Blue Elm to use the DR Auditor tool and provide auditing service that quickly exposes missing data. This service also provides MEDITECH with valuable examples helpful in resolving the issues in a timely manner.


Acmeware has experienced staff that has tested countless ring-release updates. By taking advantage of our DR Update Ring-Release Support Services, customers can ensure that their existing reports and applications will continue to function correctly in the new release, identified errors will be addressed and corrected, and data integrity will be maintained in their updated DR system.

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