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Case Study: Data Repository Services

Case Study: Data Repository Services

We are thrilled with our partnership with Acmeware. Data and analytics are key to our business and our ability to provide top quality healthcare to our communities. So many people rely on timely and accurate data, it is a foundational part of our Information Technology infrastructure.

Acmeware helps us both proactively and reactively to keep our tremendous data environments running smoothly. They are an integral part of our team!

– Jeannette Currie, BID Community Hospitals CIO

beth israel lahey health

In March 2019, Beth Israel Lahey Health was formed by the merger of Lahey Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, serving Boston and the greater Boston area. The BID Community Hospitals (composed of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospitals in Milton, Needham, and Plymouth) long-time MEDITECH systems, upgraded to Expanse in late 2018, and then in the fall of 2020 implemented MEDITECH’s Ambulatory product. Beth Israel Deaconess Community Hospitals (now part of Beth Israel Lahey Health) have been clients of Acmeware since 2013 when Milton Hospital engaged Acmeware for Partnership Program support and for OneView (quality reporting) in 2014.


When it came time for the Community Hospitals to augment the database administrator services that are critical to operations, BID elected to leverage their Acmeware Partnership Program and entrust Acmeware to focus on the health of their MEDITECH Data Repository and reporting services.

After the conversion to Expanse, BID began experiencing disk space problems. In our experience, initial reporting environment setup performed by third party vendors frequently results in suboptimal configuration, requiring post-implementation reconfiguration and corrective action to optimize the client’s reporting environment, including the Data Repository. 


Upon investigating BID’s systems, Acmeware found the disk capacity and associated issues were due to improper setup of their DR server which required correction to avoid potential negative operational impact. Acmeware informed BID of the cause of the problem and the potential long-term impact if no action were taken, along with specific corrective action recommendations. We then developed a plan to work collaboratively to remediate the issues, including changing properties of drives, reorganizing types of files in accordance with MEDITECH best practices, and planning for associated downtime.


BID Community hospitals have a strong IT staff that relies on Acmeware’s depth of database and server administration experience to supplement their capabilities and bandwidth. The space remediation plan was successfully implemented by BID and Acmeware staff, resulting in the optimization of the reporting services and servers. BID is pleased with Acmeware’s Data Repository support and ongoing maintenance services, and Acmeware continues to monitor and safeguard the DR and reporting environment.