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Welcome to the Data Repository Network, your library of free SQL report downloads for MEDITECH DR. Based on our 20+ years of custom DR development from MEDITECH hospitals like yours, these simplified reports and T-SQL functions are your building blocks for writing and deploying your own custom reports, and include versions for all MEDITECH platforms: MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and Expanse/6.1. Each report includes a T-SQL stored procedure and SSRS .rdl file so you can get up and running quickly.


First Name Parse

Returns a patient's first name from expressions with data in "LAST,FIRST MI..." format.

MEDITECH Time to Date Time

Returns a datetime datatype given the input of an integer stored in MEDITECH TimeID format.

Is Numeric

Tests varchar datatype to determine if they can be handled as numeric values. A useful alternative to the SQL IsNumeric function that handles resulted LAB values more accurately.

Average Census by Hour

This report returns the average hospital census by hour-of-day over a given date range.

Get End of Day

Automatically calculates the last second of a given day (23:59:59) when passed a date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Useful for getting to the end of a day on reports that prompt the user for a date range.

Seconds to Hours and Minutes

Returns the hours and minutes (displayed in HH:MM format) between two Meditech TimeID values (stored as seconds).

Kilograms to Pounds

Converts data captured as grams to display as pounds and ounces (e.g. "7lbs 13oz").

Datetime to Hours and Minutes

Calculates the interval in hours and minutes between two dates, displayed as "hh:mm" format. Useful for calculating elapsed time.

CDS Responses to Date Time

Converts MEDITECH Customer Defined Query (CDS) responses (where date and time values are captured separately) into SQL datetime format.

Age Years Months

Calculates the age between two dates for display in "xY xM" format for pediatric patients.