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Search DR Metadata by Name

  • MT platform: All

Use this this stored procedure when you're not sure where to find data from a particular DR table or column. It searches for DR table or column names and returns relevant metadata from the DrTable_Main and DrTable_Columns (M-AT) or DrTableMain and DrTableColumns (MAGIC, C/S) tables.  (For more information on searching for metadata and data storage in MEDITECH, read this blog post.)

Age intervals (function)

  • MT platform: All

This table-valued T-SQL function returns date interval/period calculations that can be used to assemble age or any elapsed time string.  (Read our blog for more information about user-defined functions in T-SQL.)

Inpatient ADM Clinical Queries

  • MT platform: Client/Server, MAGIC, 6.0

This stored procedure captures the most recent (from ADM) non-multiple documented clinical queries and responses for all inpatients.

Find DR Dependencies

  • MT platform: Client/Server, MAGIC, 6.0

This stored procedure is designed to help document programming objects (stored procedures and user-defined functions) so you can catalog your code and understand which MEDITECH Data Repository live tables and columns your code refers to. It will help plan for DR database schema changes and major version upgrades.

Report Server Usage

  • MT platform: All

For sites using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services only: this stored procedure shows all published SSRS reports from Report Manager along with their created, modified and last run date, if it exists.

Patient Providers by Discharge Date

  • MT platform: Client/Server, MAGIC

This stored procedure returns a list of each provider type per inpatient visit, optimized for flat-file output. The report logic is driven by the patient discharge date range.

Compare DR Schemas

  • MT platform: All

This TSQL query is useful to compare DR database schemas between test and live databases. This script produces a detailed list of changes by comparing your existing release in live against a newer version in test, and shows changed items by category (new tables, new columns, removed columns, datatype changes, etc.).

Clinic and Hospital Matching Charges

  • MT platform: Client/Server, 6.0

This stored procedure returns a list of matching charges from LSS/MPM (PBR tables) and BAR to help reconcile ambulatory and inpatient charges.