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Case Study: Conversion to Expanse

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Anderson Healthcare has served the Illinois communities of Madison and Macoupin counties since 1977 and continues its commitment to providing residents with the highest quality of advanced medical care. A 154-bed inpatient hospital, critical access hospital, rehab institute, surgery center and outpatient acute care facility offer patients cutting-edge medical diagnostics that are not often found in a local community setting using the MEDITECH Expanse electronic health record platform.


The leadership at Anderson Healthcare committed to upgrading their MEDITECH EHR to the Expanse platform in 2018. Having been on Client/Server for nearly 20 years, they had created a large inventory of NPR and Data Repository SQL reports that would be affected by the new data architecture in Expanse. Early in the process, Anderson Hospital recognized that they did not employ the necessary resources to rewrite their comprehensive library of reports.


Anderson Healthcare has been an Acmeware Partnership Program client since 2010, and a OneView Quality Reporting customer since 2013. When Anderson determined that they needed outside assistance to develop the new reports, they turned to their trusted partner Acmeware. Using OneTrac, their proprietary report inventory and project management tool to identify and prioritize the data objects that would need updating, Acmeware evaluated 2,619 reports and data objects for conversion to Expanse. During the prioritization process we determined that 152 reports could be retired with the remainder needing to be rewritten for Expanse. 


Starting in January 2019 and working through December 2020, all the NPR and Data Repository reports and stored procedures were rewritten. While Acmeware was initially engaged to convert over 1,700 DR SQL stored procedures, another third-party resource was employed to convert the 858 NPR reports. By May of 2020, Anderson decided their NPR resource was not meeting their expectations and Acmeware was asked to finish the NPR report conversions. Acmeware’s expertise and catalog of existing reports resulted in fast and accurate deployment of the complete library of new reports ahead of the Expanse go-live and on budget.


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While we work with many vendors, Acmeware has come to be a true partner. Since 2013, they've been an integral part of our IS department through their Partnership Program. Their Data Repository expertise has been invaluable.

– Mike Ward, Anderson Hospital Chief of IT