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Report Migration and Development for Expanse

In MEDITECH Expanse (6.1), data structures change dramatically.  Reports written from, or referencing the ADM, BAR, ABS, SCH and ORM will need to be re-written. In addition, for those sites migrating from MAGIC or Client/Server to Expanse, reports referencing EDM, OM, or NUR/PCS will need to be re-written.

Acmeware has been working exclusively with the Data Repository longer than any other MEDITECH vendor.  Since 1998, we have been dedicated to custom report development from the DR.  The code catalog that we have built allows us to deliver reports with efficiency and accuracy, saving you time and money.  Our custom DR-based reporting includes departmental reporting, decision support analysis, retrospective examinations, performance measures, and much more.

The value of our staff’s years of experience with Data Repository along with our own catalog of previously developed reports is to deliver exactly what you need in a shorter amount of time and at lower cost. Rather than charge on a per report basis,  you only pay for the actual code we develop getting many more reports for your money.  We have already converted over 1,000 reports to Expanse and we're still counting...

Acmeware offers a variety MEDITECH™ Data Repository (DR) educational courses that provide training designed to quickly launch report developers using industry-standard tools. Our courses are offered as two-day, on-site, programs with special attention to the features and unique database conventions found in the Expanse DR. Our courses are built upon and taught with Microsoft’s SQL Server platform and tools that you already use to host your DR, including Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio.

In addition for Expanse report migration customers, Acmeware includes the use of OneTrac a report cataloging and project management tool.  With OneTrac, a cloud based application, customers can not only see their entire inventory of reports, but can assign the conversion work and choose which platform (Application Desktop, DR, BCA/Visual Insight, or Report Designer) is best for the particular report.


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