MEDITECH Data Repository Professional Services

Gaining access to health information is now more critical than ever. Your organization is facing many challenges in the changing healthcare climate including finding qualified support staff, optimizing IT systems to meet end-user needs and responding to the pressure to cut costs. This can lead to struggling to manage a growing backlog of requests and new report demands. Report creation skills are not always readily available, and upgrades and conversions often require special time-sensitive reports, adding to the demand and complexity.

With consultants averaging over 10 years of healthcare data analysis experience, Acmeware is uniquely positioned to provide a full range of Data Repository professional services. We engage with our clients in one of two ways: through the Acmeware Partnership Program or on a project basis.

An industry first, the Acmeware Partnership Program is an annualized agreement that provides you with our complete suite of services and Data Repository expertise. For a predictable monthly cost, we commit a scheduled number of hours to your DR-related projects. If your needs increase to accommodate an urgent report, the program’s flexibility allows varying workloads at no additional cost. Currently we have long-term relationships with over 50 Partnership Program hospitals and healthcare systems in North America.

For those clients whose initial needs may be more limited, we also offer project-based professional services agreements on either a fixed cost or time and materials basis. We’ll work with you to develop a project specification that best suits your needs and budget.

From report writing to application development, from training to maintenance, Acmeware has your DR covered.

MEDITECH Expanse Migration services

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