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View your Data Repository Reports through OneView

Data flows into your hospital at a staggering rate. The sheer quantity of data can feel more overwhelming than helpful.  Many healthcare organizations have invested in MEDITECH as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application that stores clinical, patient and financial data in a single system.  Add to this integration from non-MEDITECH third party systems, and the amount of data is massive.  The inherent complexities, lack of speed and usability, and time-intensive nature of reporting hinders executives, clinicians and analysts from improving decision-making and discovery of patient outcomes.

Acmeware OneView is a web-based application that delivers rapid data visualization with respect to business intelligence, decision support, and quality reporting for MEDITECH customers. Your clinical and business users will be able to make faster and better informed decisions focused on better patient outcomes while improving the efficiencies that drive down costs. OneView offers a complete solution for the presentation, analysis, consumption and distribution of data. Implementation of pre-compiled datamarts combined with direct access to the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) assures that OneView provides optimum performance and a satisfying user experience.  A configurable environment with system-wide as well as user-specific preferences offers a customizable experience that meets global and individual requirements. OneView integrates seamlessly into a healthcare system’s Active Directory (AD) environment offering both role-based and user-based security models.  A flexible architecture ensures that custom developed reporting solutions, including those that combine non-MEDITECH data, can be fully integrated into the OneView framework. Certified by the Drummond Group, OneView meets the Modular EHR General Criteria for security, automatic log-off, encryption and more [170.314(c)(1, 2, 3); 170.314(d)(1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)] 170.314(g)(2, 4).  Access to OneView is made through a secure login and group-defined roles determine who has the ability to manage OneView’s administrative components. Built in automatic log-off from any window is a standard feature of OneView thus assuring open sessions are securely terminated.

The OneView application is designed to allow standard report packages to be fully integrated within the feature rich user interface.  OneView’s architecture also allows custom developed reports to be added into a standard package as well as being grouped into entirely new custom packages. Packages include:

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Acmeware developed the OneView application after 15 years of consulting experience with the MEDITECH DR.  As a result, we insure that your reports are accurate and efficient.  Because we understand that every healthcare organization is unique, Acmeware will customize the data capture to your workflow and will design, develop, implement and validate it to function properly. 

Speed - The use of pre-compiled datamarts as well as direct access to the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) tables assures optimum performance and a satisfying user experience. 

Flexibility - OneView is a highly configurable application.  System-wide as well as user-specific preferences can be established to meet global or individual requirements.  A flexible architecture insures that custom developed reporting solutions, including those that combine multiple MEDITECH modules, or non-MEDITECH data, can be fully integrated in the OneView platform.

Easy - OneView is designed to emulate the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2010 products with an intuitive layout and format, use of familiar menus and tool bars, a status bar, and a default navigation window.  Reports can be exported in a variety of formats such as Excel or PDF and scheduled for delivery to specific users or groups via E-mail or File Sharing.

Secure - OneView has been certified by the Drummond Group to  exceed the security requirements outlined in HIT Standards 170.314 (d)(1,2,3,5,6,7,8).  These standards include: access control, emergency access, automatic log-off, audit log, integrity, authentication, general encryption, and encryption when exchanging electronic health information.  

For business and clinical users:

  • Quickly discover trends, anomalies and patterns of problems in order to meet organizational quality initiatives such as readmission reduction, smoking cessation, and asthma control
  • Perform accurate ACO and CMS Bundled payment reporting with Medicare claims and other data sources to create a robust, quality database that meets Medicare's reporting requirements and analyzes population health
  • Simplify compliance reporting for departmental requirements such as Surgical SCIP compliance
  • Access a single, integrated view of revenue billed each day sorted by hospital, service line, and sub service line and compare it against targeted goals
  • Analyze and explore charges and payments of claims, spot trends, understand denials from payers, and manage over/under payments
  • Empower senior leadership, managers, and physicians to monitor certified Meaningful Use to improve outcomes and support attestation.

For IT:

  • Integrate data from multiple systems and data sources such as: MEDITECH, MedHost, Siemens, PICIS, Press Ganey etc.
  • Empower users to not just report, but to search, explore, discover and analyze data
  • Reduce turnaround time for reporting and analysis from days and weeks to just minutes turning IT into an enabler of patient discovery and insight that helps improve overall organization performance.
  • Seamless integration with QualityNet for electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) submission for various programs: Meaningful Use (eCQM), Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR), PQRS, The Joint Commission (eCQM) etc.
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