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Positioned for Success in 2023

Positioned for Success in 2023

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As we look forward to 2023, Acmeware is pleased to announce organizational changes and promotions to accommodate our continued success as the leading provider of MEDITECH Data Repository business intelligence and analytics solutions and services.

With the growth in number of hospitals with MEDITECH Data Repository, Acmeware anticipates there will be a significant increase in the demand for traditional DR custom report development, DR management and maintenance solutions, training, and data interfacing professional services.

Vivian Bader has been promoted to Vice President of Products and Development. Vivian and her staff will be responsible for current and new solutions offered by Acmeware, including Downtime Defender, OneLink, Acmeware Report Viewer, OneTrac, Power BI-based solutions, and others.

Acmeware Vice President Jamie Gerardo will continue to lead the growing Professional Services division including our Quality reporting & submission, Quality consulting, Partnership Program, DR support services, custom interfaces, custom projects, and other custom professional services work. Our Professional Services and Products divisions will continue to work highly collaboratively, sharing resources, ideas, values, and mission that have been strategically put in place by Jamie, Vivian, and others over recent years. Congratulations to both Jamie and Vivian in their new roles.

Acmeware is also welcoming Cheryle Rash as a Senior Consultant Analyst in January 2023. Cheryle has over 10 years' experience as a business intelligence analyst, including SQL report writing from Data Repository. Cheryle will assist our Quality team supporting initiatives including quality scripts and consulting services.

Glen D'Abate, President, announced the changes and appointments toward the end of 2022. "I am very excited about the outlook for Acmeware. These changes allow us to absorb the growth in the current healthcare environment. We are excited to provide insight and value to MEDITECH Data Repository users by putting our customers at the center of everything we do."

About Acmeware, Inc.

Acmeware, Inc. provides consulting services and custom software solutions that assist clients in realizing the maximum benefit from their MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) application. We are a service-oriented company working in partnership with our DR clients to leverage the latest technologies, transform data to knowledge, and deliver valuable insight to healthcare organizations decision makers. Acmeware's dedicated focus on DR consulting services and custom applications allows us to provide solutions that are innovative, efficient, accurate, and affordable.