Interface Development using the MEDITECH Data Repository

Acmeware can help you move data to and from DR

Acmeware provides custom interface development consulting services that utilize the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) as a data source for compiling and transmitting healthcare information to third-party systems.  The DR’s Microsoft SQL Server relational database contains virtually all health care data captured within a MEDITECH system. It is recommended that data be transmitted to the DR in a continuous update mode. This offers the opportunity to extract information from the DR in a near real-time basis.

Custom Interfaces

The Data Repository is a cost effective platform for building export interfaces. SQL Server Integration Services can perform powerful data extraction and manipulation from the DR and other data sources. Data can be generated using XML, HL7, ANSI, flat file and an array of other formats. The DR is not designed for the real-time propagation of information however, when configured in continuous mode, timely information can be made available for export with minimal data latency.

Acmeware has also developed numerous interfaces into the DR or a parallel database located on the DR server. This allows non-MEDITECH data to be readily incorporated with MEDITECH DR data for consolidated reporting. Interfaces developed by Acmeware include:

  • SureDecisions Charge Integrity system (export)
  • Genpact Claim Capture and Management (export)
  • Press-Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey (export)
  • Avatar Admission & Utilization Interface (export)
  • Kreg Cost Accounting Interface (import)
  • California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (export)
  • State Quality Indicator Data (import and export)
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