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We build Affordable Custom Applications

Leveraging information in the MEDITECH™ Data Repository (DR), Acmeware develops niche intranet and PC –based custom applications that meet specific departmental or management objectives. Easy access to healthcare information in the DR and powerful tools for integrating third party data are the foundation of our software solutions. We use prevailing development technologies from Microsoft to produce well designed, intuitive and costeffective solutions.

Project Specification

Thoroughly vetted functional specifications are critical to the successful design, development and deployment of custom applications. Our development team has years of experience preparing application specifications, which identifies potential issues and clarifies any ambiguity before development begins. As a result, projects are completed on time, on budget and our applications perform as designed.


Acmeware uses Microsoft’s Visual Studio platform for application development, which ensures tight integration with the Data Repository’s host database system, Microsoft SQL Server. Using tools exclusively from Microsoft, our development methodology enables rapid solution design and deployment while also lowering costs.

Example #1 MagicView (above)

MagicView provides users access to view historic patient data that were entered in a MEDITECH DR application module and not converted during a new HCIS implementation. With MagicView and a MEDITECH DR, perpetual access to this valuable historic clinical information can be retained after a MEDITECH HCIS is permanently shut down.;

Example #2 Registration Audit Work List (above)

The Registration Audit Work List is designed to view patient healthcare information system (HCIS) data derived from a dynamic MEDITECH DR. The goal of the Registration Audit Work List Application is to provide a methodology to educated registrars in the ways of reducing AR days for the hospital. Five tabs are displayed when the application is initiated – Audits, Audits-Hidden, Reports, Documentation, Help. The application runs an audit job regularly on all patient insurances based on the specifications of management. A work list is populated for each clerk.


Custom application development need not be exorbitantly expensive when many of the tools necessary for this development are readily available. Knowledge of the DR data structures and rapid application development technologies are the ingredients necessary for successful specification, development, and deployment of custom DR-based applications. Acmeware’s steadfast focus on developing DR-based applications allows us to be at the forefront of delivering cost-effective, innovative custom application solutions to our clients.

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