Acmeware Partners with Diagnotes for MEDITECH Integration

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Indianapolis, IN and Dedham, MA – Acmeware, a leader in custom interface development utilizing the MEDITECH Data Repository, and Diagnotes, an intuitive HIPAA-compliant clinical communication platform, today announced a strategic corporate partnership aimed at providing MEDITECH hospitals with a seamless, integrated clinical communication solution.

Permian Regional Medical Center (PRMC) based in Andrews, TX, is a leader in providing high-quality care for rural West Texas and is the first organization to benefit from the Acmeware/Diagnotes partnership.

“Diagnotes and Acmeware worked collaboratively on PRMC’s behalf to develop a truly innovative clinical communication solution for our providers,” said Donny Booth, MSN, RN, EMT-LP, CEN, Chief Nursing Officer for Permian Regional Medical Center. “Our team is excited to have the ability to launch automated orders and link to patient MEDITECH records in discussions. Simple details, like height, weight and allergies, will now be so much easier to find and will make a real impact on our response times.”

Leveraging Acmeware’s extraction expertise, Diagnotes is completing an integration with Permian’s MEDITECH Data Repository to provide a more powerful, enriched user experience, including:

  • Automated orders and routing: A physician enters orders in MEDITECH once and the details of the order are automatically delivered to the correct on-call provider.
  • Patient-centric Discussions: Diagnotes users can link a patient’s MEDITECH record to a discussion, ensuring positive patient identification. Anyone in the discussion can click on a linked patient name to view recent and relevant clinical data.
  • Admission Event Alerts: Permian providers can receive real-time alerts when one of their patients is admitted to the hospital. This allows for immediate outreach and timely interventions.
  • Clinical Support Documentation: Providers often take dictated notes or handwritten notes after hours, from home, in the car, etc… Those notes, including billing codes and care summaries, can be saved in Diagnotes and saved in the patient’s MEDITECH record.

“Acmeware is excited to work with Permian and Diagnotes to provide integration enabling data in Permian’s existing MEDITECH EHR Data Repository to combine with, and be used by, Diagnotes secure clinical communication tool to enhance clinical workflow,” said Glen D’Abate, founder and President of Acmeware. “The most rewarding part of being on the Diagnotes team is seeing how we respond to our client’s needs. We are at our best when we’re helping them solve problems, improve processes, and make continuous improvements to their workflows,” said Dave Wortman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Diagnotes.

Diagnotes and Acmeware are both members of the Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE), a community of MEDITECH users and related professionals who interact to learn and share their knowledge and experience. Through MUSE, members network, solve problems, identify best practices, and improve performance for their organizations. Diagnotes and Acmeware will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2019 MUSE Inspire Conference in Nashville, TN, May 28 to May 31, 2019. 

About Acmeware, Inc.

Acmeware provides professional services, software solutions, data integration tools, and education to help our clients realize the maximum benefit from their MEDITECH EHR. We are a service-oriented company whose mission is to empower healthcare professionals with superior information to make knowledgeable decisions.

About Diagnotes, Inc.

Diagnotes builds mobile and web-based applications that reflect the natural communication habits of healthcare professionals and their patients. The enterprise-grade clinical communication and collaboration platform is fast to implement and highly intuitive to adopt. Diagnotes’ clients include large health systems, specialty and community hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers and behavioral health organizations. Uses of the platform range from simple secure messaging to telehealth consults between specialists and their patients in rural areas using live video. Diagnotes helps healthcare professionals communicate with each other, as well as with patients and caregivers, on a single, unified, cloud-based platform. To learn more, visit