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Now more than ever, every healthcare organization and their EHR vendors are asked to comply with a multitude of important Federal reporting requirements and initiatives. The good news: MEDITECH offers Data Repository-based SQL reports to help you stay in compliance. The better news: Acmeware can help you implement MEDITECH-provided SQL reports to ensure their proper configuration and data accuracy.

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There are several reporting initiatives already in place or beginning soon for which healthcare organizations will have to be ready, including:

COVID-19 Capacity & Utilization Reporting

Since April 9, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has required hospitals to submit information about the number of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, as well as staffing and supply readiness. For the data elements that can be captured electronically via MEDITECH, there are Data Repository-based SQL reports available to meet this requirement.

Hospital Price Transparency Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2021, hospitals will be required to publicly disclose standard charges for all items and services and do so in two formats: both machine-readable (electronic) and consumer-friendly. While some data is available in the MEDITECH EHR chargemaster, other may come from contract-management software or sources. Our knowledge of the MEDITECH data schema, integration skills, and familiarity with the regulatory requirements can assist you in meeting these time-sensitive reporting requirements.

Antimicrobial Use & Resistance Reporting (AUR)

For ARRA Stage 3 Performance Improvement Objectives, Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Reporting may be submitted to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) as satisfactory performance of the Public Health Registry requirement. Since 2013 we've been providing our clients with certified quality reporting for ARRA EH/CAH and EP Medicare and Medicaid programs, including eCQMs and Objective Measures. We've already helped our clients implement the Data Repository SQL report for this measure, why not let us help you?

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Our seasoned Professional Services staff have been helping hospitals meet quality reporting requirements since 2013. We offer implementation support and guidance on MEDITECH's SQL reports for the following programs:

  • Capacity & Utilization Reporting, as required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • CARES Act Section 18115 Lab Data Reporting, for organizations that don't have MEDITECH's ELR interface
  • Burn Rate Calculator, MEDITECH's tool for monitoring and optimizing PPE inventory from Materials Management
  • Promoting Interoperability for Eligible Hospitals, including EH/CAH PI Stage 3 Objective Measures and CY 2020 Clinical Quality Measures
  • Promoting Interoperability for Eligible Professionals (Medicaid only), including EP PI Objectives Stage 3 and CY 2020 Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures
  • Promoting Interoperability - ONC for Eligible Professionals (Medicaid only), including
    ONC PI Objectives Stage 3 and CY2020 Clinical Quality Measures 
MACRA/MIPS (Medicare only)
  • Ambulatory, including MIPS Promoting Interoperability for PY 2020, CY 2020 Clinical Quality Measures, and MIPS CY 2020 Improvement Activities 
  • Oncology, including MIPS Promoting Interoperability for PY 2020, CY 2020 Clinical Quality Measures, and MIPS CY 2020 Improvement Activities 
  • Ambulatory CPC eCQMs for CY 2020 

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