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Permian Regional Medical Center (PRMC) is a 44-bed general medical and surgical hospital in west central Texas. Survey data for 2012 shows that 8,007 patients visited their emergency room and the hospital had a total of 942 admissions. Its physicians performed 288 inpatient and 662 outpatient surgeries. As a small rural hospital, PRMC was looking for an easy and affordable way to attest for meaningful use.


Permian Regional’s main Healthcare Information System (HIS) uses the MEDITECH 6.X platform. Extracting data from their HIS can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, the scripts provided by MEDITECH require programming customization and configuration. As with many rural hospitals, PRMC does not have a report writer on staff to assist with customization, configuration, testing and validation of the Meaningful Use scripts available from MEDITECH.


Permian Regional Medical Center chose Acmeware’s OneView after evaluating several competing Certified Meaningful Use reporting products. OneView provides reports with customizable date ranges that feature an overview, are easy to use for attestation (input on CMS website), drill down to detail data, see event level details for validation, a wizard to walk through the attestation process, and a storage vault for data, nomenclature mapping and reports. “We looked at several Meaningful Use options and the product with the most comprehensive features, support, and best value was OneView” said Sandra Cox, CFO at Permian Regional Medical Center with 35 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry.


With OneView, Permian Regional Medical Center successfully attested for Stage 1 Meaningful Use in October 2013. According to Sandra, “We could not have done this on our own. Acmeware’s point-and-click product was a real time saver. Anyone you sit in front of a computer can use it in a short period of time.” The Attestation Wizard within OneView walks through the process of gathering all of the needed data and stores it in a vault along with uploaded support documentation. Getting the data into the CMS website is easy with Summary Reports that mirror the format used by the CMS.

OneView is built for users. By creating a data mart to extract relevant data from MEDITECH, reports run quickly and can be run over custom date ranges. From summary level dashboards to detailed measure criteria at the patient account level, OneView reports not only provide for attestation, but for all validation and quality needs. Sandra says, “I really like the left side tree-view of the reports. It makes navigation within OneView very easy. Also, the dashboard reports give a quick and clear indication of our performance for each measure.” In addition to the standard reports, Acmeware developed custom reports for real-time provider tracking. The purpose of the one report was to track the compliance of new clinical workflow training for Core Measure 12 – Provide electronic discharge instructions and another to ensure diagnosis or problem list usage  (Core Measure 3).

“Permian Regional Medical Center uses the MEDITECH OM application to capture the Decision to Admit Date and Time using an order. As such, any Meaningful Use solution had to be customizable in order to capture ED Measures.” per Sandra. OneView is tailored to reflect YOUR clinical workflow and business practices. During the implementation and validation process, Acmeware works closely with your team of specialists to determine where your system follows MEDITECH’s recommended Best Practices for Clinical Quality Measure data capture, and where it may not. We test and validate each measure against your test database first, then move it to your live system for a smooth implementation. “Acmeware’s support staff was unbeatable during implementation and validation. They worked with a Clinical Process Consultant to set up processes and query information to accurately collect data. Their high-touch commitment kept the project on track without becoming overwhelming.” recounts Sandra.

Without Acmeware and OneView, it would have been difficult to demonstrate Meaningful Use. Sandra indicated that they did not have the expertise on staff to configure, customize, test and validate the MEDITECH provided reports. With OneView, PRMC was able to navigate the Meaningful Use project, validate the data capture and attest for Meaningful Use, and store data and supporting documentation for CMS Audit preparation. Going forward, PRMC will use OneView for 2014 Meaningful Use reporting and is expecting to use OneView to monitor and track Organizational Quality Measure Goals for meeting quality measures financial incentives.

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