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Meaningful Use Reporting: accurate, secure and easy.

Acmeware has developed a suite of enhanced CQM, core and menu set report scripts and a supporting datamart, so you’ll be able to easily compile and report your meaningful use measures when it’s time to attest via the CMS website. Additionally, our solution stores the detailed patient-level data behind each summary report, so you can analyze and validate the data driving each measure, including numerators, denominators, performance not met, and exclusions. Having the detail data available for analysis allows you to ensure that each measure is being precisely calculated based on your clinical workflow practices. While in the midst of your reporting period, you can perform quality assurance on your meaningful use measures and patient data, so you’ll be confident that your attestation is accurate.

In addition, by developing integration functionality, OneView can provide Electronic Submission(eReporting) using the CMS defined QRDA format,  submit IQR (Inpatient Quality Reporting) data through QualityNet and integrate directly with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) or Health Informationn Service Providers (HISP) to process Summary of Care (TOC) message delivery notifications.

Learn more about our Nomenclature Mapping service.

Key Features!

Manage Dictionaries Manage Dictionaries

The Manage Dictionaries is a  mapping tool that allows you to configure unique terms defined by your unique clinical work flow. MIS Query/Responses are mapped within OneView so that patient level events can be captured whether or not MEDITECH Best Practices are being followed.

The Manage Dictionary engine enables you to define the vocabulary type, the code, and the mappings between your organization's MEDITECH systems and CMS. For Meaningful Use Stage 2, healthcare organizations will need standardized nomenclatures, quality reports, and nomenclature maps.

Additional integration benefits include: Enhanced Vocabulary Mapping to National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Attestation Wizard Attestation Wizard

The Attestation Vault has been developed from the ground up to fully automate the attestation process from electronic submission to CMS audit compliance. This feature takes a snapshot of all attestation data, stores and locks it permanently in the OneView database,  and retains ALL relevant supporting documentation in an electronic book of evidence.  In the event of a CMS Audit, OneView provides a full suite of reports reflecting the exact same data that was used to attest.

Additional Benefits:

  • Archives ALL OneView dictionaries relevant to the Attestation reporting period.
  • Archives ALL detailed patient-level data and identifiable PHI

Upload supporting documentation associated with each measure. For example:

  • Payment calculations (such as cost report data)
  • ONC EHR licensing documentation
  • Documentation to support your attestation filing
Encryption Security Audit and Encryption

OneView contains advanced monitoring and auditing capabilities across the entire application, identifying user activity that results in PHI data being viewed. Detailed reporting capabilities are available to see what the user viewed for PHI patient data over any time period. OneView also incorporates Federal encryption technology (FIPS) that prevents any attempt to tamper with a log.

OneView employs the most stringent 256-bit encryption technology, exceeding current federal guidelines for the transmission of PHI data. OneView uses a triple data encryption algorithm for encryption and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) SHA-256 for cryptographic hash functionality.


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