Inpatient Quality Reporting
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Inpatient Quality Reporting made easy

Historically, quality reporting initiatives involved abstractors sifting through unstructured data in paper charts to convert into discrete, reportable data.  This approach is time consuming and requires extensive resources from both the IT and Quality Departments.

The OneView Hospital Quality Reporting Package supports the electronic submission of clinical quality measures for the Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program.  Our enhanced platform helps MEDITECH hospitals meet the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Service (CMS) Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) reporting requirements and their organizations quality improvement initiatives.

Choosing the right partner for the successful transition to eCQM's: 

  • During the transition from chart abstraction to eCQM, you will want a partner who knows and has experience with eCQM's.
  • Make sure your software is integrated into the MEDITECH Data Repository, not an extract/download process.
  • Make sure you have a tool to validate the integrity and accuracy of the data, including patient visit events.

Learn more about our Nomenclature Mapping service.

Acmeware clients are partnered with a dedicated subject matter expert to insure the accuracy of your data, providing support for your eCQM transition.  We are a Direct Submission Vendor (DSV) which means that we submit the eCQM's on your behalf.  We also handle the test submissions so you can be comfortable that your final submission is 100% successful.  OneView provides integration functionality and electronic submission (eReporting) using the CMS defined QRDA format to submit IQR Data through QualityNet.

The Submission Wizard has been developed from the ground up to be fully automated from electronic submission to CMS audit compliance.  The Vault feature takes a snapshot of all submission data, stores and locks it permanently, and retains all relevant supporting documentation in an electronic book of evidence.  In the event of a CMS Audit, OneView provides a full suite of reports reflecting the exact same data what was used to submit to the CMS.

Acmeware was the first MEDITECH eCQM vendor to successfully submit PQRS eCQM measures electronically on the CMS QualityNet using QRDA files.  West Park Hospital District submitted clinical quality measures for 12 Eligible Professionals satisfying the payment adjustment and payment incentive total requirements.  The QRDA files generated and transmitted for PQRS use the same OneView functionality as the IQR measures.

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