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Instructor-led classes for MEDITECH Data Repository.

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Taught by our DR experts, these two-day, in-person classes taught on-site at your location will quickly launch report developers using industry-standard tools, including Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio. Our hands-on, interactive format uses real-world examples and allows participants of all backgrounds to learn how to write accurate and efficient DR reports. We customize the class material to your specifications, with your own test data for a complete learning experience.


Our Classes

DR Reporting Fundamentals (Expanse/6.1, Client/Server and MAGIC) – Our introductory class will teach you everything you need for “start to finish” basic reports from DR: how to find the most commonly-used data elements, write effective T-SQL code and produce a finished report using SQL Server Reporting Services. The class syllabus includes:

  1. An introduction to MEDITECH and Data Repository
  2. Writing and executing basic T-SQL queries
  3. Working with data from multiple tables
  4. T-SQL expressions and functions
  5. SQL Server Reporting Services basics

Advanced DR Reporting
(all MT platforms)Learn how to design and deploy web-based reports on your Intranet using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) SQL Server Data Tools and Report Manager. Available for SQL Server version 2016 and later. The class syllabus includes:

  1. Reporting Services component overview
  2. Getting started: the SSRS report wizard
  3. Visual Studio/SQL Server Data Tools basics
  4. Report layout and formatting
  5. Parameterized reports and multiple datasets
  6. Linked reports and subreports
  7. Managing report access and security
  8. Deploying reports and best practices for report administration


Scheduling & cost

We need at least 4 weeks’ notice to schedule instructor-led classes; dates are not finalized until we have a signed and executed training agreement and initial deposit. Contact us for pricing information; current Acmeware Partnership Program clients are eligible for a discount.