Downtime Reporting

Data Repository: An Invaluable Downtime Resource

No matter how reliable your IT infrastructure is, occasional and sometimes unpredictable system downtime is inevitable. Your MEDITECH system may have planned downtime for an update; you may lose network access due to equipment failure, or your power may go out during a storm. Even if you have backup systems in place, providing clinical staff access to current patient information during a planned or unplanned system outage can reduce or eliminate the outage’s impact on patient care.

Acmeware’s Downtime MAR (Medication Administration Record) and Downtime POS (Provider Order Summary) reports were developed to provide MEDITECH DR customers with key patient information during expected or unexpected system unavailability. For current inpatients, the Downtime MAR report shows detailed medication administration history and orders for the next 24 hours, while the Downtime POS report lists all current and historical provider orders during a patient’s stay. These reports are available in Adobe PDF documents that are automatically delivered to key workstations (protected from power outages by either a UPS or a backup generator) so they can be printed and used by nursing staff during any type of system downtime. Included on the report is a timestamp indicating the last time the report data were refreshed, so clinical staff know how current the information is for each patient.

To support these solutions, DR customers whose systems run in continuous data transfer mode can further enhance the timeliness of data delivery by having MEDITECH enable “split transfers,” which allows the data structures that hold the key data for these applications to be on their own transfer queues. This minimizes the lag time between the MEDITECH source system and the DR SQL Server database, making the data transfer as close to real-time as possible. Both reports are set to be produced and updated on whatever interval our clients need (typically 15-30 minutes), thus ensuring timely and accurate information is available for all current inpatients.

Acmeware’s Downtime MAR and Downtime POS reports demonstrate how you can leverage your Data Repository for more than just decision support reporting. With the right system configuration and solutions in place, you can make the DR an integral part of your organization’s downtime solution.

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