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Coronavirus and COVID-19

While we endure the ongoing coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, our thoughts are first for our employees and their families to remain safe. We also encourage every hospital and healthcare organization to check with their EHR vendor's most up-to-date guidance on how to effectively respond within your organization.

Hospitals with the MEDITECH EHR can find valuable and frequently-updated information on the COVID-19 page of their website, which includes valuable guidance on creating processes and protocols for COVID-19 management. Additionally, in response to federal requirements for reporting daily COVID-19 test result statistics to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for in-house COVID-19 testing, MEDITECH provides extensive report guidance and resources, including links to SQL-based reports for each MEDITECH platform.

If you're a member, MUSE International also has active and frequently-updated information from MEDITECH hospitals dealing with COVID-19, including webinars and discussion groups; after you log in, look on their member home page.

Resources from Acmeware

We're pleased to offer a new Data Repository-based COVID-19 report available at no cost to MEDITECH facilities. The Acmeware COVID-19 Dashboard provides a variety of useful measures for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, including relevant metrics like patient census, bed occupancy, ventilator availability, and more. The dashboard is designed to provide you with information to help manage patients and resources during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 dashboard

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This report is available on our DR Network for free download (user registration is required) for all MEDITECH platforms: MAGIC, C/S, 6.0x and 6.1/Expanse. See this page for full details. The report download package includes the necessary components to set up and deploy the dashboard, including detailed, step-by-step configuration instructions.

Other Resources

In light of COVID-19, you may find the need to capture and report other relevant information, such as tracking visitors, SBAR, screening tools, customized appointment lists, adjustments to appointment reminders (i.e. TeleVox), or customized ambulatory reports. Many healthcare organizations are tracking employee symptoms, situations, and exposure. We can help with these as well as other areas, including:

  • Quick reports in NPR, Report Designer, Data Repository, and any SQL reporting applications
  • Working through a backlog of reports
  • Providing DBA assistance
  • Managing routine DR maintenance (checking transfer jobs, pending activity, reviewing errors) and providing a DR server status report
  • Project management

As always, we're ready to help MEDITECH hospitals with their informatics needs. If during this fast-changing and stressful time we can help with your workload, let us know. Whether it's a custom clinical report to identify potential patients at risk for COVID-19 or taking routine workload off your IT staff while they focus on critical items, we're here to help.

If you're an existing customer of ours, please contact us via the Acmeware Support Portal.  All others send us a message.

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