Data Repository Training

Learn to extract value from your DR

Acmeware offers a variety MEDITECH™ Data Repository (DR) educational courses that provide training designed to quickly launch report developers using industry-standard tools. Our courses are offered as two-day, on-site, programs with special attention to the features and unique database conventions found in the DR. Our courses are built upon and taught with Microsoft’s SQL Server platform and tools that you already use to host your DR, including Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio. Our core selection of classes includes:

  • Introduction to DR Report Writing with Transact-SQL - Updated for MEDITECH Expanse
  • Advanced DR Reporting with SSRS
  • Advanced DR Reporting with Report Builder

Our course format encourages participants to engage interactively throughout the class. The curriculum is divided into modules that are presented by the instructor using detailed slides to assist in teaching concepts. This is followed by a demonstration using realistic examples that depict the current concept with actual DR data. Class participants are then given a set of exercises to complete that incorporate the current topic as well as concepts from previous topics in the same course. The instructor then leads a class discussion on the exercise solutions. Our hands-on interactive format allows participants of all backgrounds to gain the skills necessary to construct valuable, accurate, and efficient DR reports, while our cumulative knowledge-building approach ensures class participants can retain their new skills and apply real-world solutions to their reporting needs.

Introduction to DR Report Writing with Transact-SQL

This course is the foundation for all DR-based reporting. Our most popular class teaches you the nuts and bolts behind the DR application module in MEDITECH, how to find the right data in the DR database, and how to write efficient T-SQL stored procedures to present data on your reports. Course topics include:

  • Data Repository Overview
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Creating & Saving Transact-SQL Code in SSMS
  • Structured Query Language Basics
  • Transact-SQL Expressions & Operators
  • Transact-SQL Functions
  • Table Joining Concepts
  • DR Table Joining Strategies and Examples
  • T-SQL Aggregate Queries
  • Stored Procedures with Parameters

Advanced DR Reporting with SSRS

Building on our introductory course, this class teaches you how to design and deploy web-based reports on your Intranet using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Business Intelligence Development Studio and Report Manager. The following topics are covered in this class:

  • Report Management
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Getting Started with the Report Wizard
  • Using T-SQL Stored Procedures
  • Report Layout and Format
  • Advanced Formatting
  • Parameters and Multiple Datasets
  • Subreports and Linked Reports
  • Subscriptions

Advanced DR Reporting with Report Builder

SQL Reporting Services includes Report Builder, an ideal tool for allowing your users to build their own reports, based on templates you design. Report Builder gets you one step closer to true “self-service” reports for your organization. This one-day class covers the following areas:

  • The MEDITECH DR Report Model Environment
  • Report Builder Graphic User Interface
  • Table Columnar Reports, Format, and Layout
  • Filtering Results
  • Formula Fields and Functions
  • Grouping, Aggregates & Sorting
  • Reports with Prompts

Other Classes

Customized class topics on other technologies are available as well, based on your organizations preferred reporting platform. Other course offerings may include:

  • Introduction to Report Writing with Microsoft Access
  • Introduction to Report Writing with Crystal Reports
  • Advanced DR Reporting with Analysis Services
  • Grouping and Summarization

Each topic is thoroughly discussed with examples and exercises presented and analyzed during the course.

Exercise Workbook and Training Guide

Each attendee is provided with training documentation that outlines all of the concepts and examples used during the course. Also, an Exercise Workbook is provided with example questions and answers paralleling each topic covered during the training program. Upon completion of the course, attendees will have gained a solid understanding of how to perform DR report development using the reporting platform of choice.


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