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Welcome to the Data Repository Network, your library of free SQL report downloads for MEDITECH DR. Based on our 20+ years of custom DR development from MEDITECH hospitals like yours, these simplified reports and T-SQL functions are your building blocks for writing and deploying your own custom reports, and include versions for all MEDITECH platforms: MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and 6.1. Each report includes a SQL stored procedure and SSRS .rdl file so you can get up and running quickly.


Lab Results by Patient Account

This report provides all lab specimens and resulted test values based on a user-provided account number.

Current Inpatients without Admit Order

This report lists current inpatients (excluding newborns) that have no admission order.

Current Inpatients with Last Vital Signs

This report shows the last recorded blood pressure, height and weight and temperature for current inpatients.

Current Inpatients with Last Visit

This report lists current inpatients with basic demographics, including facility and location information, and adds the last inpatient and non-ER outpatient visit, if present.

Current Inpatients with Average a1C Result

This report lists current inpatients with results from the most recently collected lab specimen with an A1c test. If more than 1 test was performed, the average result is returned.

Current Inpatient Orders by Provider

This report lists non-cancelled OE order details for current inpatients by ordering provider.

Current Inpatient Orders

This report lists non-cancelled order details for current inpatients.

Current Inpatient Med Admins by Location

This report lists current inpatients by location with all of their active medication administrations from Pharmacy. It excludes discontinued, stopped and expired prescriptions.

Coded Allergies by Patient

This report returns a single patient by unit number with a list of their coded allergies.

Charge Summary by Dept and Category

This report shows total BAR charges grouped by charge department and category for a given BatchDateTime.