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Welcome to the Data Repository Network, your library of free SQL report downloads for MEDITECH DR. Based on our 20+ years of custom DR development from MEDITECH hospitals like yours, these simplified reports and T-SQL functions are your building blocks for writing and deploying your own custom reports, and include versions for all MEDITECH platforms: MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and 6.1. Each report includes a SQL stored procedure and SSRS .rdl file so you can get up and running quickly.


Age Years Months

Calculates the age between two dates for display in "xY xM" format for pediatric patients.

Age In Years

This function returns a computed age in years between two dates, accurate to the day, by accommodating months with less than 31 days.

Age Months Days

Returns a computed age in "xM xD" format, typically used for pediatric patients.

Age All

Returns the age in years between two dates, including the age in "xM xD" format for pediatric patients.

Name Suffix Parse

Returns a patient's suffix (JR, SR, etc.), if present, from expressions with data in "LAST,FIRST MI..." format.

Middle Initial Parse

Returns a patient's middle initial, if present, from expressions with data in "LAST,FIRST MI..." format.

Add Padding to String

This function pads a string with N number of spaces.

Payment Summary by Insurance

This report summarizes and totals BAR adjustments, receipts and refunds by insurance for a batch date range provided by the user.

Patient Account Charge Detail by Category

This report provides all charge procedure detail from BAR based on a user-provided account number.

Lab Results for Current Inpatients

This report lists current inpatients with basic demographic data and all lab test results from the most recently collected specimen.