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Welcome to the Data Repository Network, your library of free SQL report downloads for MEDITECH DR. Based on our 20+ years of custom DR development from MEDITECH hospitals like yours, these simplified reports and T-SQL functions are your building blocks for writing and deploying your own custom reports, and include versions for all MEDITECH platforms: MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and 6.1. Each report includes a SQL stored procedure and SSRS .rdl file so you can get up and running quickly.


Proper Case

This function converts any text string to proper case (mixed case with initial upper case letter followed by lower case letters). Typically used to convert PATIENT,NAME as stored in MEDITECH to a more user-friendly format.

Strip Non-Numeric Data

This function strips non-numeric data and leaves the original formatting.

Strip Non-Numerics Phone Format

This function returns a formatted phone nunber: NNN-NNN-NNNN or NNN-NNNN

Patient Wristband

A patient demographic wristband, including full patient name, DOB, age, gender, Medical Record Number, Account Number, REG type and 2D barcode.

Clinic and Hospital Matching Charges

This stored procedure returns a list of matching charges from LSS/MPM (PBR) and BAR to help reconcile Ambulatory and Inpatient Charges.

Inpatient Readmissions

This report shows inpatients that are discharged and subsequently admitted within the specified date range and number of days between admissions.

Patient Account Financial Summary

This report provides summary charge, balance, adjustment and receipt information from BAR based on a user-provided account number.

Medication Administrations by Patient Account

This report lists all Pharmacy medication administrations for a single patient stay, based on a user-provided account number.

Title Parse

Returns a patient's title (MD, etc.), if present, from expressions with data in "LAST,FIRST MI..." format.

Name Parsing Function

Returns the user-specified portion of a patient's name from expressions with data in "LAST,FIRST MI..." format. Options include first name, last name, middle initial, title and suffix.